Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WASP Museum at Avenger Field Needs Your Help!

I'm taking the liberty of sharing the e mail I received from the National WASP WWII Museum in Sweetwater Texas.

I redact a few paragraphs, but include the important links!

From the Desk of Sandra Spears
President, Board of Directors

As President of the Board of Directors, I'm pleased to report to you that construction of the Museum Expansion began on October 31st, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you.

I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given the National WASP World War II Museum. And I know it also means a lot to the Fly Girls who come to Homecoming every Memorial Day weekend.
...We had to cut back on vital parts of our Expansion due to a lack of funding.

...Your renewed support for 2017 is urgently needed today to fund the following items stripped from our budget:
  • $45,000 for new exhibits
  • $120,000 for a Memorial plaza to honor the WASP whose ashes have been spread over Avenger Field. The plaza will include a replica WASP Wishing Well, an Avenger Field bell, and new flagpoles; and
  • $250,000 to recreate the iconic Tower at Avenger Field that burned down in 1951;

Yes, I know this is more than you’ve given before, but we have a limited amount of time to raise this money while there are still a few Fly Girls living who could see the construction completed.

The good news is Museum Expansion construction is underway. The bad news is that we had to strip vital parts of the Expansion. My wish is that we will restore funding by Memorial Day.

Truly, I can’t express to you how excited I am by the progress we’ve made -- thanks to supporters like you. You and I are close to the finish line. Will you help us restore funding for the Tower and Memorial Plaza?

For the "Fly Girls,"
Sandra Spears, President, Board of Directors
Sandra Spears
President, Board of Directors
National WASP WWII Museum

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