Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Odyssey by Susan Oliver

I checked out Susan Oliver's book Odyssey via interlibrary loan and am reading it today.

She wrote it in 1983, about the 1967 transatlantic journey she made in her Aero Commander 200 in an attempt to fly around the world - stymied when Russia wouldn't let her enter their airspace. (She'd gotten permission, but was leaving a bit late, and although the Russian ambassador in the States said it wouldn't be a problem, the government in Russia wouldn't cooperate.)

I'm only about a fourth of the way through it. She's mentioned her role in Peyton Place a couple of times and that does seem to be what the people in the book know her from. She has yet to mention her role as Vina in the Star Trek pilot episode The Cage,  although I think this episode was never actually aired except to studio execs, so perhaps even in 1977 when she was writing the book she'd have no idea that most people today who know of her (if they know of her at all, sadly) would know of her from Star Trek.

Anyway, it's interesting. I'll be writing a review of it, even though it's not easily available. Long out of print, you'll have to get it from interlibrary loan if you want to read it.

As I said she's writing the book in 1983 about a 1967 journey...I wonder if she'll mention that in 1970 she was copilot for the plane - piloted by  Margaret Mead (a Piper Comanche) that won the 1970 Powder Puff Derby (All Woman Transcontinental Air Race).

(Oliver, born in 1932, was only 58 when she died of lung cancer, in 1990.)

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