Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sad news from Afghanistan - first woman AirForce pilot not safe in her own country

Here's the link to the news from CNN:


And here's the first three paragraphs of the article:
(CNN)Three years ago, Niloofar Rahmani became the first woman to earn her wings in Afghanistan's air force. But her place in history as an international symbol of female empowerment and courage has effectively cost her the ability to live in her homeland.
Now, she's seeking asylum in the United States. 
Capt. Rahmani said it's no longer safe for her to live in Afghanistan. Her attorney, Kimberly Motley, said her client has received numerous threats from insurgents and condemnation from government officials.
 It's definitely hard to empower women in hard-line Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. (Women in Saudia Arabia can't drive, can't leave home without a male relative, etc.)

I remember in one of the Olympics, there was a Muslim woman competitor from one of these hard-line Islamic countries - clothed from head to toe while she ran a marathon or something. Lots of people were proud of her, but not anyone in her own country who believed she brought disgrace on womanhood by running in front of a bunch of men. She should have been home where she belonged....

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